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Webinar: non-Newtonian Scaling Analysis for Protein Solutions

Shear rate sweeps offer more than just the obvious practical advantages over single point measurements.  A simple scaling analysis of non-Newtonian viscosity data can reveal information about component interactions and microstructure. Download a free recording of our webinar analyzing shear thinning protein solutions to assess the impact of temperature, concentration, and excipient levels. 

This webinar was hosted by our in-house rheologist,  Dr. Stacey Elliott. Stacey obtained her extensive experience and rheological knowledge through her education at Carnegie Mellon University and Princeton as well as her experience at both Alcon and DuPont. 

With her passion for rheology and her belief that rheology is essential for any material, Stacey is a true expert and you don't want to miss her insights on shear thinning! 

Shear Rate Sweeps



Download the Free Webinar Recording!

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