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Sample testing

Interested in professional testing? RheoSense engineers are happy to measure the viscosity of your samples.
Small Samples
Precise Data
Newtonian or
Expert Consulting
RheoSense sample testing allows your company to test your samples in an unbiased third-party laboratory, receive expert consulting regarding the data, and utilize precise measurements that you may otherwise be unable to gather with your equipment.

Sample testing is a good option for:

  • Initial sample characterization
  • Confirmation of data or sample behavior
  • Receiving personalized support regarding viscosity and rheology
Sky's the Limit!
Shear Thinning

We offer a variety of tests meant to best characterize
your samples.

Viscosity vs. Concentration Testing!Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 11.55.30 AM
As part of small sample size testing of 15 uL, a viscosity vs. concentration curve can be done with our instrument.
A measurement is done at all requested concentrations and a curve is produced as below. We can also perform serial dilutions here instead of having you send multiple samples! We will ask for enough of the most concentrated solution to dilute down to the other desired concentrations. Please reach out to us to discuss the volume that is required for this. The test can be performed at multiple temperatures of your choice.

Screenshot 2023-11-15 at 11.58.16 AMViscosity vs. Shear Rate Testing!
Shear rate sweep viscosity measurement can be performed, using two chips to determine the likelihood of shear thinning in your sample! Shear rate sweep measurement is required to estimate accurate injection force of shear thinning mAb formulations. At least 100 μL of sample is needed to perform this test. The test can be performed at multiple temperatures of your choice.


Improve Your Data with RheoSense VROC Technology

Enhance all of your data with a new VROC powered viscometer. More precise measurements and smaller samples sizes will improve your entire workflow. Measure viscosity with our automated initium one plus viscometer and supercharge your data with our intelligent software, Clariti!
Your team will thank you!

Samples We Test

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Our Customers

We have a wide range of customers who look to us for sample testing, not only for our VROC® technology, but for our expertise in viscosity measurement application. 


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Speak with a viscosity expert today to determine the best method for testing your samples!