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Viscometers that Simplify Viscosity Measurements 

Our viscometers have redefined the way viscosity is measured with the benefit of  VROC® technology. All RheoSense viscometers require only small sample volume, control from low to very high shear rates, and measure true viscosity of  Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids. Select your viscometer! Let's dig into the details. 

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initium 1+ product Page
VROC initium one plus
Automate viscosity measurements with tiny samples, high throughput, and hands free!
VROC® initium one plus
Fully automated, high throughput 
m-VROC II (nbg)
m-VROC II Viscometer
Small sample (15uL), high shear viscometer for R&D
Small sample, semi-automated
microVISC product Page
Portable viscometer for quick and easy quality control measurements
Quality Control, ease of use
e-VROC product Page
Extensional viscosity measurements by stretching liquid elements
Extensional viscosity simplified
hts-VROC product Page
High temperature and high shear viscosity measurements
High temperature, high shear
microVISC-m product Page
Portable, quick and easy viscosity measurements for oil applications
Viscosity measurements for oil
CCS product Page
Chip Cleaning Station
Time to clean? Let our automated VROC® Chip Cleaning Station do the dirty work.
VROC® Chip Cleaning
Automated VROC chip cleaning

Uncertain about what viscometer to choose? We can help!

Contact us today to speak with one of our rheology experts about what viscometer is best for your applications

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