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Our viscometers have redefined the way viscosity is measured with the benefit of  VROC® technology. All RheoSense viscometers require only small sample volume, control from low to very high shear rates, and measure true viscosity of  Newtonian and non-Newtonian liquids. Select your viscometer! Let's dig into the details. 

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VROC initium one plus
Automate viscosity measurements with tiny samples, high throughput, and hands free!
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m-VROC Viscometer
Small sample, high shear viscometer for R&D
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e-VROC Viscometer
Extensional viscosity measurements by stretching liquid elements
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hts-VROC Viscometer
High temperature and high shear viscometer
microVISC thumbnail Image (Act21 Home)
Portable viscometer for quick and easy QC measurements
microVISC-m thumbnail Image (Act21 Home)
Portable, quick, & easy viscosity measurements for oil applications
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Chip Cleaning Station
Time to clean? Let our automated VROC® Chip Cleaning Station do the dirty work.
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Stock up on pipettes, syringes, water based and mineral based NIST traceable viscosity standards.

The First Automatic, High Throughput Viscometer

Characterize your unique samples with Viscosity Fingerprinting

Key Applications

  • Viscosity-Injectability 
  • Stability of Protein Therapeutics
  • Enzymatic Reaction Kinetics
  • Molecular Weight & Size
  • Solubility

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inituim Model I+ product image (1)
initium one plus
See It In Action!

Key Features

  • Absolute viscosity measurements (first principle)
  • Shear rate & temperature sweep
  • Sample retrieval and recovery
  • Unattended self-cleaning
  • High return on investment
  • Repeatability & confidence in measurements

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Uncertain about which viscometer? Explore based on Applications!

Our viscometers serve most applications including:

BioPharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Upstream, downstream, development, QC? Find out where viscosity is essential in your work!

Biopharmaceutical/Biotechnology & Viscosity

Oil/Lubrication Viscosity

Work with oil and lubrications? Viscosity measurements can determine oil health and keep processes running smoothly.

Oil/Lubrication & Viscosity

Ink Viscosity

UV curing inks, 3D printing inks, graphene inks, inkjet inks can be characterized by measuring viscosity at high shear rates!

Ink & Viscosity

Food and Beverages

Viscosity can play a big role with taste, texture, and even distinguish the difference between real and counterfeit products. Talk to a Rheologist

Polymers and Viscosity

Viscosity of all types of polymers can be essential ranging in a variety of industries. Intrinsic viscosity is a key application for polymers and bio-polymers.

Polymer Viscosity

Cannabis Viscosity

As the cannabis industry is growing both medical and recreational,  research and proper manufacturing involves accurate viscosity measurements.
Cannabis Viscosity

Cosmetics Viscosity

The viscosity of cosmetic plays an integral role in the formulation process, especially when it comes to quality control. 

Cosmetics Applications

Batteries Viscosity

Achieving optimal combination of viscosity (η) and the dielectric Constant (ε) helps researchers and battery engineers develop and also control the quality of batteries.Battery Applications

Extensional & Intrinsic Viscosity

VROC® powered viscometers deliver accurate and reliable extensional and intrinsic viscosity measurements in under a minute 

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Sample testing, annual viscometer calibration, chip calibrations, service contracts, and maintenance
Trusted by Fortune 500 customers worldwide
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"Darn, that little thing works great [microVISC]. Good job! I did a couple of known control samples, which measured bang-on exact with literature values. And then had no difficulties with my biological materials."

-Dr. David Krevor, Slip Chip

"Microfluidic devices offer several advantages compared to conventional rheometers in that they only require small volumes of fluid sample, they can impose high deformation rates without entering strongly inertial flow regimes, the absence of a free surface avoids evaporation, and they can potentially be used as a simple, disposable flow-through device."

- MIT's Gareth McKinley, Ph.D., and Chris Pipe, Ph.D.

"I would like to mention (m-VROC®) is a great instrument and I am really enjoying using it"

-Mahoom Fard, Canopy Growth

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