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Powerful data analysis software made specifically for VROC powered data.

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Graph Analysis
Data analysis can be tedious work. Through Clariti, you can upload all your data into one database, set filters & criteria for data analysis, and generate plots to help illustrate your results. Graphs can be seamlessly rescaled to compare multiple datasets.
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Custom Reporting
With Clariti, you can export your analyzed data in multiple file formats, including reports with generated tables and plots. You can interact with Clariti’s smooth user interface to tailor data analysis and aesthetic parameters to your specifications.
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Clariti is the first software to analyze injectability. After taking any viscosity measurements, you can upload the data and Clariti will calculate the recommended injection rates to help you advance your product developments in injectability.
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Intrinsic Viscosity

Clariti allows you to quickly perform intrinsic viscosity analysis, a tool for characterizing size and molecular weight of proteins, particles, polymers, and other systems. As a complementary method to light scattering techniques, Clariti is able to provide quick and accurate measurement analysis.


Clariti allows users to export various reports and graphs including full analysis. Exports are easily shared with colleagues or added to papers and reports.
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Input your data into Clariti and utilize RheoSense AI to conduct complex analyses. 

  • Injectability Analysis
  • Intrinsic Viscosity
  • Hydrodynamic Radius


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"With RheoSense Clariti, we’ve managed to simplify and redefine the process of data selection and analysis to the service of the user. We don’t know how we could make things any more essential or simpler than Clariti"
Rama VarmaSenior Software Engineer, RheoSense
  • Compatible with VROC initium one plus and m-VROC II
  • Data Processing, Analysis to Report Generation
  • Predictive Injectability Analysis
  • Intrinsic Viscosity
  • Hydrodynamic Radius and Pair Interactions
  • Custom Report Generation
  • Flexible - Customize font and color scheme to fit your brand
  • Great documentation - good for new or legacy users
  • Professional support - we love what we do and who we do it for
  • Many header- / footer-layouts and loads of easy-to-use modules

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