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Partners & Distributors

Leading Innovation Through Precision & Simplicity
RheoSense Around the World

Who Do We Work With?


All Around The World

With global partners from all around the world, we strive to continue providing unmatched products & services.

All of our distributors & partners are authorized in providing RheoSense viscometers. Affiliates are linked to their homepage for any inquiries. We encourage you to check out our partners!

If you would like to contact your RheoSense agent within your region or do not see your region listed here, please email sales@rheosense.com

RheoSense Around the World

Who Do We Work With?


Argentina: CAS Instrumental - Carlos Starker
Columbia: Cecoltec Ltda. - Carlos Salazar
Mexico: TecnoLab - Carlos Chafloque


China: Sunko - Aaron Liu
India: Svan Analytical Instrument Pvt. Ltd. - Enoch Lyenger
Japan: DKSH - Atsushi Mitarai
Taiwan: DKSH - Jacky Lin
Taiwan: Scientech Co., Ltd. - Martin Chang
Korea: Insung Chroma-Tech Co., Ltd. - Geunsung Yoon
Singapore & SE Asia: LMS - Francis Lim


Austria: Ing. Prager Elektronik GmbH - Engelbert A. Prager
Belgium: BPI - Bernard Pirenne
Czech Republic: Sphera Group - Natalie Al-Hassani
Germany: Sphera Analytics GmbH - Natalie Al-Hassani
Italy: Automation s.r.l - Daniele Zanellato
Netherlands: BPI - Bernard Pirenne
Poland: EKMA - Krzysztof Antosik
Russia: Soctrade - Dr. Anatoly Lermontov

Middle East: 


AustraliaPoly-Instruments Pty. Ltd. - Fred Koshir
New Zealand: Total Labs Systems - Trevor Lowe

"The VROC® provides more measurement than conventional viscometers. Rotational instruments fail to deliver accurate measurements at these high shear rates and the capillary flow method is preferred. The ability of the RheoSense instrument to measure very small sample quantities is also useful. We have found the instrument to be accurate and reliable."
Ross Clark, Ph.D.Distinguished Research Fellow at CP Kelco
"The RheoSense microVISC™ has been instrumental in our lab to measure and monitor the viscosity of our research inks throughout the day. The tool is extremely simple to use and its small sample volume saves money for some of the more expensive inks. Additionally, the use of affordable, disposable syringes saves us considerable time compared to cleaning a traditional rheometer ten times a day. Overall, we would recommend this tool to other groups looking for an easy-to-use rheometer for daily lab use. "
Barry Vomocil, Ph.D.Researcher at Hewlett Packard

Change The Way You Measure For The Better

Our innovative viscometers feature patented Viscometer/Rheometer-on-a-Chip (VROC®) technology. Utilizing state-of-the-art MEMS and microfluidics breakthroughs that redefine the viscometry industry, our instruments offer the smallest sample volume per measurement coupled with exceptional ease-of-use and accuracy.

Viscometers Made Simple & Precise

Founded in 2001, we have become the leader in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and the emerging protein therapeutics industries. RheoSense viscometers have been rigorously tested, approved, and adopted worldwide by Fortune Global 500 companies and leading research universities. 

Simply precise, have the confidence in your measurements!