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We produce viscometers that are easy to use and simply precise. For those who ask about accuracy? We got that covered as well.

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We make viscometers that are simple and precise.

Started in 2001, RheoSense, Inc. has been focused on redefining the viscosity industry. We focus on delivering reliable and easy to use viscometers that are used for various applications ranging from drug development, lubrication and oil health, cosmetics, and much more! 

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Why Measure Viscosity?

It's never too late to measure accurate viscosity measurements but it's also never too early! Join hundreds of industry and academic professionals. Get a head start on your research and quality control processes with accurate measurements. Work smart, not hard!
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Work Smart, Not Hard! Here Are Some Goodies Said About Us!

Viscosity of Cellular Suspensions

"In brief, we used the RheoSense to measure the viscosity of cellular suspensions. Our goal was to determine the dilution factor needed for the cell suspension to match a running buffer. As demonstrated in the graph this happens around a 10 fold sample dilution factor. Consistent sample viscosity will enable CytoVale to develop robust cellular assays for our core applications involving the high throughput mechanical measurement of cells. 

The RheoSense viscometer enabled us to quickly and accurately measure small aliqouts of sample which was necessary due to limited amounts of biological material. Additionally the low volume allowed us to gather many replicates of data in order to accurately assess biological variability between and across samples. This capability allowed us to have much more robust data collection and higher sample sizes for each point on the curve as compared to using traditional capillary viscometry. "

– Annie Jensen, Cytovale



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May 19, 2020
  The viscosity of blood influences at least three variables: its ability to clot, perfuse tissue, and vascular resistance.  An abnormally high blood...
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May 12, 2020
The vast majority of fluids in the world exhibit non-Newtonian behavior. So, knowing how to measure, correct, and handle non-Newtonian rheological...
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Fragrances - Low Viscosity Fluids

May 5, 2020
We have released a new application note on low viscosity fluids specifically by using an assortment of colognes. Viscosity data for different...
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