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VROC® Powered Viscometers Small Sample Viscometers

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non-Newtonian Scaling Analysis for Protein Solutions

In our educational webinar, we explain how to use shear thinning analysis to assess temperature, concentration, and protein excipient levels

Application Note

Application Note - Viscosity of Fetal Bovine Serum and Media Formulations

In this application note, we dive into a deeper look where we take the viscosity data of fetal bovine serum (FBS) and also of cell culture medias supplemented with FBS.

Application Note

Application Note - Low Viscosity Fluids

View our latest application note on low viscosity fluids where we do a variety of shear rate analysis.

Viscometer Solutions


VROC initium

Automatic, High Throughput with only 20 uL of samples that can be retrieved or recovered.

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Small sample, wide dynamic range

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Extensional viscometer

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High temperature, wide dynamic range

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Portable, small sample viscometer

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Dummy chips, water based calibration fluid, pipettes, syringes & more!

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Application Notes

Application Notes 

Download our application notes and technical details where we explain data, dive into in-depth rheological concepts, and  more! 

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"I would like to mention (m-VROC®) is a great instrument and I am really enjoying using it" 

Mahoom Fard, Canopy Growth

"Darn, that little thing works great [microVISC].  Good job!  I did a couple of known control samples, which measured bang-on exact with literature values.  And then had no difficulties with my biological materials."

Dr. David Krevor, Slip Chip

"At Arizona State University, our research focuses on developing ink chemistries for additive manufacturing from the nanometer to the centimeter scales.  To achieve this goal, we must precisely control the rheology properties of our inks.  The RheoSense microVISC™ has been instrumental in our lab to measure and monitor the viscosity of our research inks throughout the day.  The tool is extremely simple to use and its small sample volume saves money for some of the more expensive inks.  Additionally, the use of affordable, disposable syringes saves us considerable time compared to cleaning a traditional rheometer ten times a day.  

Overall, we would recommend this tool to other groups looking for an easy-to-use rheometer for daily lab use. "

Professor Owen Hildreth, Arizona State University