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RheoSense, Inc. - Simply Viscosity

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UPCOMING WEBINAR -   Demystifying Viscosity Analysis with Clariti

Join us Wednesday, March 24th for a FREE webinar as we walk through the basics of our viscosity data analysis software, Clariti. Available to users of m-VROC® and VROC® initium one plus, Clariti can quickly and easily filter, process, and analyze viscosity data.

All attendees will receive a FREE 30-Day Trial of Clariti!

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Application Note -Thermal Stability of Proteins

In this application note we will examine viscosity changes of two model proteins as they are heated and cooled. Our results demonstrate that excipients have strengths and weaknesses depending on their environment. Understanding the differences between excipients and the knowing the environment your fluids will experience, will help guide and improve formulation development.

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Webinar Recording - Rheology Tools: Data Artifacts

When the assumptions used to perform the viscosity calculation are violated, the value provided by the instrument is flawed. These errors are commonly referred to as artifacts. Download this FREE webinar recording as we discuss the artifacts that may be observed in rectangular slit flows, share what to look out for and how to handle it if it does occur.

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Viscosity is at the heart of all we do!

Viscosity is one of the most important parameters in the development and modeling of applications that involve fluid flow.

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VROC® technology

Viscometer-Rheometer-on-a-Chip is RheoSense's proprietary technology that powers all of our viscometers; enabling ease of use, smaller samples, and a wider dynamic range (shear rate and temperature)

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VROC® initium one plus

Automatic, High Throughput with only 26 uL of samples that can be retrieved or recovered.

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Small sample, wide dynamic range

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Extensional viscometer

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High temperature, wide dynamic range

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Portable, small sample viscometer

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Portable, small sample viscometer suitable for oil analysis (ASTM D445 Correlation)

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VROC® Chip Cleaning Station

Our automated chip cleaning station is capable of cleaning VROC® chips in under 10 minutes 

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Dummy chips, water based calibration fluid, pipettes, syringes & more!

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