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Viscosity Reducing Excipients in Biological Materials

join our upcoming webinar on November 30th as we discuss viscosity modification in both DNA and protein solutions, review the different excipients used and the corresponding changes in both the individual molecules and their spatial arrangement, and share the ability of the excipients to reduce viscosity and their impact on thermal stability. 

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eBook Download: Multi-Point Viscosity Analysis of Proteins

A thorough viscosity analysis of protein formulations should include both shear rate and temperature variation to understand solution stability, efficacy, and overall performance. 

Download our  complete guide to understanding what information can be obtained when more than a single point viscosity measurements are performed.

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non-Newtonian Viscosity Analysis of Protein Solutions

When it comes to biopharmaceutical applications, it has been widely adopted to use a traditional colloidal scaling analysis method. 

Download our application note, conducting shear rate sweeps in order to extract detailed information on protein formulation components and micro-structures. With such vital capabilities, we are able to accurately extract information on protein cluster size and protein protein interaction. 

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Viscosity is at the heart of all we do!

Viscosity is one of the most important parameters in the development and modeling of applications that involve fluid flow.

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VROC® initium one plus

Automatic, High Throughput with only 26 uL of samples that can be retrieved or recovered

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Small sample viscometer, featuring the widest dynamic range

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Monitors flow through a microfluidic contraction to provide precise apparent extensional viscosity data

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High temperature, capability to measure at temperatures as high as 105 °C

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Portable, small sample viscometer. Ultimate solution for routine viscosity measurements

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Portable, small sample viscometer suitable for oil analysis (ASTM D445 Correlation)

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VROC® Chip Cleaning Station

Our automated chip cleaning station is capable of cleaning VROC® chips in under 10 minutes 

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