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RheoSense, Inc. - Simply Viscosity

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The Most Wine-derful Time of the Year! Using the microVISC

Battery-operated and portable, microVISC can be deployed at any laboratory location or in the field, and is the leading choice for quick, easy, and rapid viscometric measurements

Join us Wednesday, December 15th, as we take our webinar to a fun (and festive!) off-site location to show just how easy it is to get accurate viscosity measurements anywhere with the microVISC!

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Application Note - Thermo-responsive Polymers

Poloxamers can be used to control the temperature dependent viscosity behavior of aqueous formulations. Specifically, these polymers can produce a maximum in the viscosity with temperature rather than a simple Arrhenius response. To illustrate the impact of molecular structure on the solution rheology, we compare viscosity profiles for two different poloxamers and a mixture of the two.

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Sample & Measurement Preparation

Download our FREE webinar featuring a live demonstration, sharing tips for preparing your samples as well as a step-by-step review of all the decisions that need to be made when setting up an experiment with the VROC® initium one plus.

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Viscosity is at the heart of all we do!

Viscosity is one of the most important parameters in the development and modeling of applications that involve fluid flow.

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VROC® technology

Viscometer-Rheometer-on-a-Chip is RheoSense's proprietary technology that powers all of our viscometers; enabling ease of use, smaller samples, and a wider dynamic range (shear rate and temperature)

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VROC® initium one plus

Automatic, High Throughput with only 26 uL of samples that can be retrieved or recovered.

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Small sample, wide dynamic range

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Extensional viscometer

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High temperature, wide dynamic range

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Portable, small sample viscometer

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Portable, small sample viscometer suitable for oil analysis (ASTM D445 Correlation)

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VROC® Chip Cleaning Station

Our automated chip cleaning station is capable of cleaning VROC® chips in under 10 minutes 

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Dummy chips, water based calibration fluid, pipettes, syringes & more!

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