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RheoSense, Inc. - Simply Viscosity

Our VROC® powered viscometers require small sample volume (15µL), measure high shear rates (> 2,020,000 s -1) and provide easy to obtain, repeatable, precise, viscosity measurements!

Viscosity is at the heart of all we do!

Viscosity is one of the most important parameters in the development and modeling of applications that involve fluid flow.

RheoSense's revolutionary VROC-powered instruments make gathering data about your samples a breeze.

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Small Samples

The RheoSense m-VROC II can measure samples as small as 15 uL.

Reliable Data

Our instruments provide reliable, repeatable results with a wide viscosity range of 0.2 ~ 100,000 mPa-s (cP).

Customer Support & Testing

We offer comprehensive service contracts and sample testing in addition to our easy to use instruments.

VROC®️ initium one plus HTscreen is here!

Screen up to 96 samples in 24 hours

Get more out of your samples with automated high throughput viscosity testing. Using samples as small as 19 μL, your team can run a variety of tests automatically. 

- Shear Rate Sweeps

- Temperature Sweeps

- Injection Force Studies

- Library Creation

What we have to say

Check out our blog and content library for more information on viscosity and detailed reports of experiments completed on our instruments.

Ready to upgrade your viscosity testing?

Talk to our experts today to find the best instrument for your needs.