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Application Note - Predicting Injection Force of Non-Newtonian Monoclonal Antibody Formulations

Injection testing typically requires large sample sizes and the ability to test at higher shear rates than what is available on the market (greater than 1,000 1/s) to calculate ideal injection force. With the RheoSense VROC® initium one plus viscometer, samples as small as 15 microliters can be used for evaluation. 

Comera Life Sciences asked our team if the low sample size requirements and high shear rate capabilities of our instruments could help them to more efficiently test non-Newtonian samples while limiting exclusion of viable samples for their injectables.

We tested eighteen monoclonal antibody solutions samples provided by Comera Life Sciences using the VROC® initium one plus to develop and test a small sample volume method to accurately predict injection force.  

To review our team’s full report on the study, download the application note.


Injection Force of non-Newtonian mAbs




Download the Application Note

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