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Virtual Viscosity Summit 2022


2022 Virtual Viscosity Summit

Let's revolutionize material characterization together!

The Power of Viscosity

Access the recordings from our second annual Virtual Viscosity Summit!

This single day event brought together a panel of speakers from both industry and academia to facilitate the discussion of rheology fundamentals with a focus on viscosity applications. Our speakers shared their research, project focus, and rheology expertise, discussing various viscosity applications to build awareness of the significance of viscosity across their industries.


Fracture of Viscoelastic bridges for dispensing applications
Hammad Faizi HeadshotHammad Ali Faizi, PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University 
Liquid bridges have proven to be a menace for rapid and clean liquid transfer in printing, coating and deposition technologies. In dispensing, non-Newtonian fluid bridge break up is resisted by extensional viscosity and high shear viscosity that leads to problems like delayed break up, satellite drop formation and stringiness. Here, I would explore how torsion may destabilize viscoelastic liquid bridges and decrease the time to pinch off. I would show that viscoelastic bridges which would never break under the action of gravity and capillarity alone but can be broken in O (1 s) due to the edge fracture process.

Intrinsic Viscosity Measurements of Food Biopolymers.
Kraft Heinz LinkedIn PostShamsheer Mahammad, PhD, Senior Principal Scientist, Kraft Heinz
Texturizing and stabilizing functionalities of food biopolymers depend on their structure, molecular weight distributions. Intrinsic viscosity measurements can evaluate food biopolymer structure and molecular weight distribution; help the food product developers optimize formula/processing parameters to achieve the right texture and stability in finished food products.


Photo-Rheology: A Tool for Predicting Performance and Accuracy of 3D Printed Materials
Carbon 3D SpeakersJordan Bergenfeld, Senior Manufacturing Process Engineer, Carbon 3D  
Vikram Palagummi, Staff Research Scientist, Carbon 3D 
This talk will discuss how integrating a light engine with a rheometer has led to a useful tool to assess performance and accuracy of different materials used for 3D printing.



DNA Nanostar Networks - a model system for understanding the ultrastructural origins of viscoelasticity in hydrogels
UCSB Speakers 2022 SummitDeborah Kuchnir Fygenson, Ph.D., Professor, University of California, Santa Barbara
Nate Conrad, Department of Physics, University of California, Santa Barbara, Graduate Research Assistant
Hydrogels combine the stress-bearing ability of a solid with the permeability and flow characteristics of a liquid. They occur naturally in cells and tissues, and have been synthesized for a wide variety of applications. Understanding the microscopic origins of their mechanical properties is thus important for both directing engineering and deciphering biological designs. We apply bulk oscillatory rheology to hydrogels comprised entirely of rationally designed DNA 'nanostar' cross-links, leveraging the unique designability and equilibrium bonding of DNA to study the effect of junction valence and bond strength heterogeneity on network mechanics and structure.


Probing Particle Aggregation with Shear Rate & Temperature Dependent Viscosity Measurements
Stacey webinar Stacey Elliott, PhD, Principal Scientist, RheoSense 
Viscosity measurements reflect changes in particle pair interactions and the resulting microstructure. The cluster arrangements commonly formed by inherently attractive particles have a predictable effect on shear rate & temperature dependent viscosity measurements. We illustrate these effects with model solutions formulated with excipients to modify interactions & aggregate structure. Analysis tools ranging from qualitative to semi-quantitative will also be presented to assess the impact of formulation components on molecular scale behavior.


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