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Webinar Download: Broadening Horizons: 5 fields where viscosity is key


Viscosity is an essential measurement across all industries, however we often times forget just how applicable viscosity really is! We know the importance of viscosity when working with biopharmaceuticals and other scientific formulations, but sometimes forget how integrated viscosity is to the applications in our everyday lives. 

Fluid formulations are developed for use in a broad range of industries. Steady shear viscosity is a critical property to predict both application performance and processing conditions. It is also a valuable quality control measure. Download our FREE webinar recording exploring 5 common application areas where viscosity is a key parameter.

In this webinar we are discussing the importance of viscosity measurements in: 

  • Personal Care
  • Food/Beverage
  • Industrial Polymers
  • Cannabis Oils
  • Cell Culture Media

This webinar was hosted by our in-house rheology experts,  Dr. Stacey Elliott and Dr. Zachary Imam.

Dr. Elliott obtained her extensive experience and rheological knowledge through her education at Carnegie Mellon University and Princeton as well as her experience at both Alcon and DuPont. 

Dr. Imam obtained his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and spent a year post-doctoral continuing development on a bioscience project funded by the Department of Energy’s Basic Energy Science program studying the biophysical properties and functions of microtubules.

5 fields where viscosity is key-2




Download the FREE Webinar Recording!

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