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Webinar Recording: Demystifying Viscosity Analysis with Clariti


Measuring your samples is only part of the scientific process. Once you have all of your measurements is when the tough task of analyzing all your data begins. Data analysis can be a long and pain staking process, as you work to consolidate all your data, analyze it and then transform your analysis into some sort of digestible presentation.

Download our webinar recording where Dr. Zachary Imam shares the basics of our viscosity data analysis software, Clariti. Available to users of m-VROC® and VROC® initium one plus, Clariti can quickly and easily filter, process, and analyze viscosity data. 

Clariti’s advanced capabilities are leading the way in:

  • Data Processing, Analysis to Report Generation
  • Predictive Injectability Analysis
  • Intrinsic Viscosity
  • Hydrodynamic Radius and Pair Interactions
  • Custom Report Generation

Dr. Zachary Imam obtained his PhD in Biomedical Engineering from The University of Texas at Austin and spent a year post-doctoral continuing development on a bioscience project funded by the Department of Energy’s Basic Energy Science program studying the biophysical properties and functions of microtubules.

RheoSense Clariti

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