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Free Webinar Recording - Temperature Dependent Viscosity Measurements 


Temperature has a huge impact on viscosity. Your sample at higher temperatures may have a totally different viscosity compared to the same sample at lower temperatures.

In addition to the practical benefits, varying temperature during viscosity measurements can be very revealing and provide information about the fluid microstructure. Samples prone to aggregation or denaturation will behave very differently than stable fluids or those undergoing microphase separation.

Please join us on Wednesday, July 28th as we:

  • Explore a variety of fluids and their temperature dependent viscosity.
  • Provide a quick model fitting tutorial to help illustrate the benefits of simple data analysis.

This webinar will be hosted by our in-house rheology expert,  Dr. Stacey Elliott. 

Dr. Elliott obtained her extensive experience and rheological knowledge through her education at Carnegie Mellon University and Princeton as well as her experience at both Alcon and DuPont. 


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