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Webinar: Intrinsic Viscosity – Characterizing Organic and Aqueous Based Macromolecule Formulations


Intrinsic viscosity analysis provides insight into both the individual molecules and how they interact at the pair level. This information is as valuable for synthetic polymers in organic solvents as it is for proteins in aqueous buffer solutions. With our VROC® initium one plus, precise automated viscosity measurements are now possible using a broad range of organic solvents. Download a free recording of our webinar discussing the benefits of measuring and analyzing dilute solution viscosity for macromolecules in organic solvents and aqueous solutions.

This webinar was hosted by our in-house rheologist,  Dr. Stacey Elliott. Stacey obtained her extensive experience and rheological knowledge through her education at Carnegie Mellon University and Princeton as well as her experience at both Alcon and DuPont. 

With her passion for rheology and her belief that rheology is essential for any material, Stacey is a true expert and you don't want to miss her insights on macromolecule characterization and formulations!

inituim Model I+ product image-1Viscosity (h) vs. Concentration (c)


Download the Webinar Recording!

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