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Webinar Download: Practical Applications for Extensional Viscosity 


Many real-world processes or applications involving complex fluids include an extensional deformation. A fluid’s resistance to this type of deformation is characterized by the extensional or elongational viscosity, which can be a key indicator of performance. A flow path with a change in cross-sectional area is one situation where the fluid would experience an extensional deformation. A common example would be a tapered flow nozzle. After a fluid droplet is released or extruded from a nozzle, extension will continue if a lengthening filament is formed prior to break-up. This scenario is consistent with the container filling process used for personal care products as well as various bio-ink printing methods. Since materials used in these applications are typically non-Newtonian, behavior under extension cannot be readily predicted from steady shear viscosity and direct measurement is required.

Download the FREE webinar recording, discussing the use of our e-VROC® technology to measure the extensional viscosity of polymer solutions commonly used in personal care products and bio-ink formulations. We also address the practical aspects of e-VROC® measurements and how the data may be used to predict performance.


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Extensional Viscosity (Blood)




Download the FREE Webinar Recording!

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