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Webinar Registration - VROC® initium one plus Sample & Measurement Preparation


Learning a new measurement technique or how to operate new instrumentation can be overwhelming. Our October webinar will be a live demonstration intended to both support existing users and provide information to those considering our automated microfluidic viscometer.

On Wednesday, October 27th, we will start our demo with tips for preparing your samples and then move into a step-by-step review of all the decisions that need to be made when setting up an experiment with the VROC® initium one plus. We will teach you how to address the following questions.

  • What cleaning solvents do I use?
  • Manual or auto injection?
  • Which chip/flow channel should I use and how many?
  • Sample volume requirements?
  • Which loading protocol is appropriate?
  • How do I choose or create a measurement protocol?
  • Should I enable sample retrieval and recovery?
  • How do I choose the right cleaning protocol?
  • How do I assess the performance of the instrument?
  • How do I assess the quality of my data?

Whether you are entirely new to our VROC® technology or just looking for a refresher course, please attend our October webinar where you can join in on the live Q&A.



Sample Test (compress)

inituim Model I+ product image



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