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Water Flow

Webinar: Intro to Clariti™

Get Clariti™ — See a full tour on how to minimize your data analysis, protein and syringe designs for injectability, and also intrinsic viscosity!

Access Webinar!

Get a quick tour of what our new software, Clariti™, looks like! Data analysis, protein model, syringe configuration, and intrinsic viscosity can all be analyzed in a fraction of the time it would take.

You can also export data via Excel to share with your team and also export in PDF to secure your data.

1. Do you have a trial version that I can test out?
Yes! Message your specialist to get a free 30 day trial. If you are not sure who your specialist is, please reach out to us via Sales@RheoSense.com
2. Under the injectability feature, could we change the barrel ID and injection force?

Yes, this is something our developers took into consideration as different drugs are administered by different syringes that are available on the market. You can double click on any of the fields in the Injectability Analysis Summary tab. Many of our customers call this a design space where you can "model" your products.


3. What are the format options you can export the report into?

Export Data

You can export the data in different formats but also simply in Excel to share with your team, PDF, and many more alternative formats.

4. Can you help explain what the subscription entails?

Currently, the license is computer specific. This means if you wish to use it on multiple computers, you will need to get another license to install on a separate computer. Our initial bundle includes 5 different licenses. 

The subscription is annual based so you can renew every year. 

Please contact info@RheoSense.com if you have additional questions!

Want More Information?

Access our Clariti™ product page to view screenshots of the software and download our brochure!
Get Clariti

About the Viscometer

Learn more about the automated viscometer that compliments Clariti™, VROC® initium.

  • 26 µL of Sample
  • Sample Retreival initium (no bdg)
  • Sample Recovery
  • Measurement temperatures 4 - 70 ºC
  • Sample storage temperature
  • Intrinsic Viscosity
  • Injectability 
VROC initium