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Viscosity Webinars

Learn About Viscosity & Viscometers Through Our Webinars! 

Webinar Wednesdays are hosted once a month and viscosity topics are covered for all types of applications. Sign up for upcoming webinars and browse our previous webinars below. If you have any suggestions for webinars or have specific questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us

August Webinar


Our Latest Webinar!

Webinar: Shear Rate Selection

Shear Rate Selection


Webinar: Importance in Sample Preparation

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Webinar: Utilizing Viscosity in Formulation Discovery

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Webinar: Viscosity and Stability of Highly Concentrated Monoclonal Antibodies

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Webinar: Viscosity of Biological Samples

Viscosity of Biological Samples Webinar


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Webinar: m-VROC Demonstration
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Webinar: Protein Screening & Intrinsic Viscosity with VROC® initium 
Advanced Features & Advantages of Automatic Viscosity Measurements 

Protein Screening & Intrinsic Viscosity with VROC initium


VROC initium Webinar: Advanced Features & Advantages of Automatic Viscosity Measurements


This webinar will review the standard features of VROC® initium and present advanced measurement features for:

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Back to Basics: Different Types of Viscosity


Inspired by our 2015 Back to Basics webinar series and following the Fundamentals of Viscosity webinar, this webinar, we will be introducing the most common types of viscosity.

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VROC initium Webinar Part II


Part II of a two part series, our webinar introduces automatic, high throughput viscometer, VROC® initium. Diving deeper from our Part I webinar, we introduce specific applications and also supply fundamental data. 

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Whole Blood WebinarIntroduction to Whole Blood, Plasma, & Serum Viscosity Measurements

In this webinar we would cover the basics on whole blood, plasma and serum viscosity and the importance to hemodynamics (blood flow) and related clinical diagnosis applications.      

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Newton Fundamentals of Viscosity — Historical Perspective

This webinar addresses how viscosity and viscometers were developed over the years and now today! 

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Viscosity Screening for Protein Therapeutics

This webinar addresses how viscosity is a key parameter in the characterization of protein formulations.     

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High Throughput Automatic Viscometer VROC initium Product Release

This webinar introduces RheoSense's automatic, high throughput viscometer, VROC initium.                         

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Viscosity and InjectabilityIntroduction to Injectability

This webinar addresses how the rheological behavior of both Newtonian and non-Newtonian protein therapeutics can help determine injectability in the initial stages of product development.                            

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Newtonian & non-Newtonian Viscosity

Fundamentals of Viscosity: Newtonian & non-Newtonian Webinar

This webinar will explain the differences between Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids. In addition, it will cover the fundamentals of establishing the viscosity fingerprint of materials using real application examples. 

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Confused_BoyIntrinsic Viscosity — A Tool to Determine Molecular Size & Structure Through Viscosity Measurements

This webinar presents analytical and experimental procedures necessary to establish intrinsic viscosity. We also present a number of examples on how this property can be useful for various polymer and biopolymer applications.       

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