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Peptalk 2020


Thorough Viscosity Characterization of Antibody Therapeutics




At the 2020 Peptalk Conference that took place in San Diego, our Principal Scientist, Dr. Stacey Elliott, gave a talk regarding a thorough investigation of antibody therapeutics using viscosity results. 

Download her presentation to get access to the data and topic covered during the talk! 




  • Viscosity
  • Antibody Therapeutics
  • Peptalk 2020


1. How sensitive is viscosity change to concentration?

Extremely sensitive! We have done some sample concentration analysis with glycerol and small % changes can impact the viscosity significantly. Here are some sample application notes!

- L-Arginine Viscosity

- Concentration Protein Solutions

2. If you can do low concentrations, can you do high concentration measurements?

Yep! Similar to this application note, we have a number of more application notes that focus on various concentrations including higher concentration viscosity solutions. Check them out: 

- High Concentration Protein Solutions

- Optimization of Protein Solutions

About the Viscometer

Learn more about the automated viscometer that compliments Clariti™, VROC® initium.

  • 26 µL of Sampleinitium (no bdg)
  • Sample Retrieval 
  • Sample Recovery
  • Measurement temperatures 4 - 70 ºC
  • Sample storage temperature
  • Intrinsic Viscosity
  • Injectability
VROC initium