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RheoSense Clariti

VROC® Initium Software: RheoSense Clariti™

RheoSense Clariti enables complete user versatility, leading the way in advanced data analysis & projection.

Clariti's advanced capabilities include: 

  • Data Organization & Analysis
  • Injectability
  • Intrinsic Viscosity
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Graph Analysis

Data analysis can be tedious work. Through Clariti, you can upload all of your data into one database, set filters & criteria for each data point and create plots to help illustrate your data. Graphs can be rescaled to compare reference points of various measurements.

Custom Reporting

From raw data to conclusive analyses, you can tailor your parameters to project recommendations or visual presentations when generating your report. Clariti's data analysis function provides an easy to digest report as well as providing aesthetics for smooth user interface.


Clariti is the first software to analyze injectability. After measuring your samples at various shear rates, you can upload all the data and Clariti will calculate the recommended injection rates to help you advance your product developments in injectability.

Intrinsic Viscosity

Intrinsic viscosity is essential in protein sizing and polymer molecular weight determination. As an orthogonal method to light scattering techniques, Clariti is able to provide quick and accurate measurement analysis.

Download the webinar that shows what Clariti can do! 

Clariti Webinar

"With RheoSense Clariti, we’ve managed to simplify and redefine the process of data selection and analysis to the service of the user. We don’t know how we could make things any more essential or simpler than Clariti"


Rama Varma, Senior Software Engineer

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