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Choose with Confidence! — Protein Viscosity Measurement on microVISC™ and VROC® initium

Everyone should be measuring viscosity but the circumstances and needs vary from person to person.

Hence, we have created multiple viscometer solutions to best suit your needs. From a portable, quick QC entry level viscometer, microVISC™, a benchtop R&D viscometer, m-VROC®, to our fully automated, hands-free viscometer, VROC® initium, we offer multiple solutions to measure your viscosity with confidence.

At the beginning of January, 2018, we had released a comparison application note explaining equal accuracy and repeatability between m-VROC® and VROC® initium, which you can read here

Now, we have completed this application note on correlating the same data quality between microVISC™ andVROC® initium. Download the application note to view the data!

  • Viscosity
  • Protein Solution
  • Bovine Gamma Globulin (BGG)
  • Shear Rate Sweep

No viscometers were harmed in this experiment

Portable Viscometer, microVISCmicroVISC™ is our portable, small QC viscometer. Powered by the same VROC® Technology, the viscometer comes with a battery enabling about 100 measurements in between each battery charge and disposable pipettes.Why try to deal with difficult instruments? Simplify your work and life!

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High Throughput, Automatic Viscometer, VROC initium

VROC® initium

our automatic, high throughput viscometer was also used to obtain the data generated in this application note. 

Our fully automated system enables you to complete measurements in a standard 96 well plate or a 40 vial rack, unattended!


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Download application notes on high shear rates with eye drop viscosity