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Protein Viscosity - Concentration Dependence

Protein Viscosity – Concentration Dependence


In this application note, viscosity data for Bovine Gamma Globulin (BgG) formulations over the full concentration range, including therapeutic levels ≥ 100 mg/mL, was obtained using the VROC® Initium. The solution buffer included sucrose which is a common additive to enhance stabilization during freeze-drying and storage. Relative viscosity versus concentration curves were fit with the Ross-Minton equation which is a frequently used analysis tool for protein formulations. 

Protein Viscosity

Bovine Gamma Globulin solutions were prepared using phosphate buffered saline with two levels of sucrose added. The viscosity was measured over a broad range of Bovine Gamma Globulin concentrations at...


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Key Words:

  • Viscosity
  • Concentrated Protein Solution
  • Bovine Gamma Globulin
  • Sucrose
  • Ross-Minton Equation
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