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The Leading Automatic, High Throughput  Viscometer
VROC® initium one plus

Characterize your unique samples with Viscosity Fingerprinting

With just a click of a button!

Revolutionizing material characterization with viscosity 

Your Workhorse

Analyze the viscosity of your precious samples 24/7. Custom as well as routine testing enabled at your fingertips

Viscosity Characterization

Characterize Newtonian and non-Newtonian samples with advanced VROC® technology

Viscosity Fingerprinting

  • Shear Rate Sweep
  • Temperature Sweep
  • Effect of Concentration, pH, & Buffer
  • Many More...!
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  • Small Sample Volume - 26 µL
  • Newtonian & non-Newtonian Characterization 
  • Shear Rate & Temperature Sweeps
  • Independent Temperature Control for Sample Storage
  • Viscosity Ranges 0.3 - 1,000 cP (With Autosampler)
  • Viscosity Ranges 0.3 - 3,000 cP (Without Autosampler)
  • Shear Rate Range 40 - 140,000 1/s
  • 40 Vial Rack & Standard 96 Well Plate Compatible

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Engine Oils
Standard Oils
NIST Traceable Mineral Oils 
ASTM Standards
Inkjet Inks
Conductive/ Graphene Inks
Electrolyte Solutions




Skincare (serums)
Volatile Chemicals
Cannabis Oils
Food & Beverage
Intrinsic Viscosity


Protein Screening
Antibody Therapeutics
Drug Delivery
RNA Therapeutic
Hydrodynamic Radius
Whole Blood/Blood Plasma & Serum
Enzymatic Reaction Kinetics
Molecular Weight & Size
Protein Stability
Cell Culture
Ophthalmic Solutions


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Intuitive & Intelligent Software

RheoSense Clariti™ is an additional tool which enables complete user versatility. Clariti’s advanced capabilities are leading the way in:

  • Data Processing, Analysis to Report Generation
  • Predictive Injectability Analysis
  • Intrinsic Viscosity
  • Hydrodynamic Radius and Pair Interactions
  • Custom Report Generation
  • So much more!

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