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High Temperature Viscometer, hts-VROC

Viscometer Specifications 

Minimum Sample Volume 25 μL
Viscosity Range 0.2 - 100,000 mPas
Shear Rate Range 0.5-1.4M s-1
Temperature Range 4 - 105 °C
Temperature Stability ~+/- 0.07 °C
Accuracy ~+/- 2% Reading
Repeatability ~+/- 0.5% Reading
Shear Sweeps Yes
Temperature Sweeps Yes
Typical Test Time <1 min
Consult a Product Specialist

hts-VROC™ VISCOMETER— High Temperature Viscosity Measurements

Understanding Fluid Behavior in High Temperatures

With VROC®, RheoSense took the standard principles of rheometry and created a dynamic micro-sample viscometer by adding microfluidics while reducing the size of the device with MEMS (micro-electrical mechanical systems) manufacturing. The result was a new platform which offers capabilities that are well beyond the limits of conventional viscometers in not only the sample volumes required, but the measurement rangeand precision.

VROC Viscometer Rheometer on a Chip

Scientific Principle

The measuring cell or “chip” contains a rectangular slit flow channel constructed of borosilicate glass, with a uniform cross-sectional area. The sample is injected at a constant flow rate though the flow channel where multiple pressure sensors mounted within the base monitor the pressure drop from the inlet to the outlet. The pressure drop is correlated with the shear-stress at the boundary wall. The shear rate and shear stress are directly related to the geometry of the rectangular slit and the flow rate which allow for viscosity measurements. 

Testing a Sample with 
hts-VROC™ Viscometer

High Temperature Viscometer, hts-VROC

Step 1: Load the syringe with your sample
High Temperature Viscometer

Step 2: Tighten the syringe into the chip enclosure and secure it inside the thermal jacket
High Temperature Viscometer Step 3: Bring down the top of the thermal jacket enclosure and lock it by turning the black thumb screw clockwise— you are ready to measure your sample!