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Predicting Injectability: The Role of High Shear Rate Viscosity Measurements 

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Injectability is a persistent concern when formulating therpaeutics, since the ability to consistently deliver the product is a necessity. Delivery system parameters and the formulation viscosity all influence the ability to inject, which is often quantified with a force value. Properly characterizing the formulation viscosity is a key step in accurately predicting delivery.

In our April webinar, we discussed the following important topics:

  • How to identify the relevant delivery system parameters
  • Instructions on creating a viscosity measurement plan specific to the delivery method and sample composition
  • How to perform analysis with Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids

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Stacey Elliott (zoom) Speaker Bio: 

Dr. Stacey Elliott, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist

Dr. Stacey Elliott is a Principal Scientist with RheoSense, Inc. She has an extensive experience in the rheology of colloid and polymer systems during her previous positions at Alcon & Dupont. She is excited to work with our customers to advance the analysis and interpretation of protein rheology beyond the models currently adopted from dispersions and synthetic polymers.

Injectability Webinar 04272023

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