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Concentration Dependence - Polymers

Viscosity of Thermo-sensitive Pharmaceutical Excipients


In this application note, viscosity profiles as a function of temperature where formulations including a common pharmaceutical excipient can exhibit a maximum in viscosity which is highly sensitive to the level of Poloxamer added. This study illustrates how a modest 1% increase in weight fraction significantly alters both the magnitude of the viscosity maximum and the temperature at which it occurs. Viscosity measurements are essential when optimizing formulation composition to achieve the desired flow behavior and temperature dependence.


Poloxamers are triblock copolymers commonly used as excipients in pharmaceutical formulations. They have an ABA type structure consisting of polyoxyethylene (A) and polyoxypropylene (B). Since the polyoxypropylene midblock is more ...


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Key Words:

  • Viscosity
  • Temperature sweep
  • Triblock copolymer
  • Polymeric excipient
  • Poloxamer/Lutrol
  • Thermosensitive polymers
  • Self-assembly
  • Concentration dependence
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