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Working With Volatile Samples?

Minimize interactions with your volatile samples through automation

Measuring Formic Acid Using VROC® Initium 

Minimal Interaction, Maximized Results

This application note presents viscosity data for formic acid measured with the fully automated VROC® Initium. The data illustrates both the precision (<0.5% RSD) and the flexibility of the testing platform with respect to sample composition. 

Viscosty vs Measurement

The many benefits of the fully automated VROC® Initium have been illustrated repeatedly with aqueous based samples. However, both the cleaning protocol and the solvents can be customized to accommodate a broader range of samples. This is particularly appealing when measuring more hazardous substances since hands-on user engagement is minimal with the automatic viscometer. To address a customer need, protocols were developed to test formic acid based samples for an industrial application involving polyamides. 


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Key Words:

  • Viscosity
  • Formic Acid
  • Polyamides 
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