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RheoSense Webinar Library

On-demand webinars that provide data, help you learn, and apply to your work! 

Blood Viscosity: More Than Hemoglobin

Download our webinar on blood viscosity hosted by returning guest speaker, Dr. Gregory Sloop.

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m-VROC II Viscometer

Download our FREE webinar recording on our new viscometer, m-VROC 11!

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Temperature-Dependent Viscosity of Battery Mixtures

Download our FREE webinar recording, exploring the temperature-dependent shear viscosity of multiple battery solvent mixtures of EC, DMC, and EMC. Additionally, probing the effect of solvent composition and lithium perchlorate salt (LiClO4) concentration on the shear viscosity of battery electrolytes.

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Extensional Viscosity Measurement Demonstration

Download our FREE webinar recording for:

  • Live extensional measurement demonstration on both platforms
  • Tips for successful measurement and cleaning.
  • Discussion of the data output in real time so that you know what to expect and how to interpret (since the data differs from steady shear)

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2022 Virtual Viscosity Summit

This single day event brought together a panel of speakers from both industry and academia to facilitate the discussion of rheology fundamentals with a focus on viscosity applications. Our speakers shared their research, project focus, and rheology expertise, discussing various viscosity applications to build awareness of the significance of viscosity across their industries.

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Using the Portable microVISC Viscometer

Download our FREE webinar recording at a fun (and festive!) off-site location to showing just how easy it is to get accurate viscosity measurements ANYWHERE with the microVISC!

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Maintaining & Monitoring Viscometer Chip Health

Download our free webinar recording, outlining some key points to consider in developing your strategy for chip maintenance, such as:

  • Precautions to minimize the introduction of fibers or other large particulates
  • Cleaning solvent and protocol selection 

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Viscosity Sample & Measurement Preparation

Download the FREE recording of our live demo with tips for preparing your samples as well as a step-by-step review of all the decisions that need to be made when setting up an experiment with the VROC® initium one plus.

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2021 Fall Viscosity Summit

Our Fall Viscosity Summit brought together a panel of speakers from:

  • ReForm Biologics
  • Virginia Tech
  • The Blinc Group
  • Via Innovations

Our speakers all facilitated discussions of rheology fundamentals with a focus on viscosity applications. 

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VROC® initium one plus Automated Viscometer Demonstration

Download our FREE webinar recording to hear as our experts

  • Demonstrate the features of our next generation fully automated viscometer
  • Highlight the upgraded features of the VROC initium one plus such as faster cleaning, organic solvent compatibility, and more advanced software.

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Temperature Dependent Viscosity Measurements

In this webinar recording we

  • Explore a variety of fluids and their temperature dependent viscosity.
  • Provide a quick model fitting tutorial to help illustrate the benefits of simple data analysis.

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Viscosity in Pharmaceuticals

This webinar focuses on the various applications of viscosity measurements in pharmaceuticals, specifically protein and antibody formulations. We share data demonstrating rate sweeps, temperature sweeps, determining formulation stability and composition, and finally injectability.

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Extensional Viscosity Data Analysis & Interpretation

Download this webinar for a discussion on extensional viscosity data analysis and interpretation, covering: 

  • How to calculate steady shear viscosity from the data in addition to the extensional.
  • Utilization of dimensionless groups such as the Reynolds number to facilitate data interpretation.

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Extensional Viscosity: Theory and Practice

In part 1 of our 2 part webinar we review the theory behind our flow channel designed to measure extensional viscosity. We will also discuss practical aspects of testing with the e-VROC® including flow channel selection and the potential onset of secondary flows or turbulence.

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5 fields where viscosity is key

Steady shear viscosity is critical to predict both application performance and processing conditions. It is also a valuable quality control measure. Join our next webinar on April 28th at 11am PST | 2pm EST as we explore 5 common application areas where viscosity is a key parameter:

Personal Care
Industrial Polymers
Cannabis Oils
Cell Culture Media

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Demystifying Viscosity Analysis with Clariti

This webinar highlights the basics of our viscosity data analysis software, Clariti. Available to users of m-VROC® and VROC® initium one plus, Clariti can quickly and easily filter, process, and analyze viscosity data.

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Rheology Tools: Data Artifacts

When the assumptions used to perform the viscosity calculation are violated, the value provided by the instrument is flawed. These errors are commonly referred to as artifacts. We share the artifacts that may be observed in rectangular slit flows, what to look out for and how to handle it if it does occur.

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2021 Virtual Viscosity Summit 

We brought together a panel of speakers for from industry and academia to facilitate the discussion of rheology fundamentals with a focus on viscosity applications. Our speakers shared their rheology expertise, building awareness of the significance of viscosity across their industries.

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’Tis the Season for microVISC cleanin’

Our team closed our 2020 demonstrating how easy it is to use our portable microVISC™ viscometer. Walking through each step from choosing the right chip for your sample to creating proper cleaning protocols.

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Rheology Tools of the Trade

We demystify rheology tool selection, discussing geometry selection for commonly used rheometers and viscometers as well as how to choose the right flow channel for your favorite VROC® instrument.

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Sample Analysis - Extensive Viscosity Characterization with VROC® Technology

We share the benefits of characterizing true viscosity, discussing the data, calculations and material characterization of your samples provided with RheoSense sample testing services on our VROC® powered viscometers.  

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Characterizing Organic & Aqueous Based Macromolecule Formulations 

We discuss the benefits of measuring and analyzing dilute solution viscosity for macromolecules in organic solvents and aqueous solutions.

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Solution Shelf Life - Using Viscosity to Investigate Ageing Protein Formulations

In this webinar we show how we used automated viscosity measurements to monitor the ageing of concentrated bovine gamma globulin in phosphate buffered saline solutions with different excipients.


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Newtonian & non-Newtonian


We explain the differences between Newtonian and non-Newtonian fluids and the fundamentals on establishing the viscosity fingerprint of materials using real application examples.


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Intro to Injectability


We address how the rheological behavior of both Newtonian and non-Newtonian therapeutics can help determine injectability in the initial stages of product development.


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non-Newtonian Scaling Analysis for Protein Solutions


In our educational webinar, we explain how to use shear thinning analysis to assess temperature, concentration, and protein excipient levels


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Blood Viscosity


The viscosity of blood influences at least three variables: its ability to clot, perfuse tissue, and vascular resistance. An abnormally high blood viscosity can be an indicator of underlying health issues and a predictor of adverse events such as COVID19, Diabetes, & more.


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Back to Basics - Different Types of Viscosity


This is our back to basics webinar discussing the different types of viscosities.


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Why are some fluids non-Newtonian?


We discuss the origins of non-Newtonian behavior and what viscosity data on these systems are telling you.


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Viscosity Fundamentals


We review the basic principles behind viscosity measurements. Our discussion will clarify the terminology and many misconceptions about measuring viscosity.


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Learn what viscosity is, why you need to measure it with cannabis, and how to measure it by downloading this webinar!


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The Practical Guide for Calculating Injection Force from Viscosity Measurements

We go step-by-step through the process of calculating the injection force from actual viscosity data.


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Protein Protein Interaction & Cluster Size - Analysis at Therapeutic Levels


We review the non-Newtonian response of protein solutions under steady shear and discuss options for interpretation.


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Differentiating Low Viscosity Fluids with VROC® initium


We explain sample differentiation ability of microfluidics based instrumentation with measurement protocol tips.


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Shear Rate Estimation & Selection


We explain how to select the right shear rates and design your experiments to get the most out of your viscosity measurements.


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Importance in Sample Preparation


We discuss the preparation and viscosity measurement of nylon 66 in formic acid, but the concepts can be applied to other polymer/solvent systems.


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How Confident Are You In Your Formulation Delivery?


We illustrate how defining delivery options and measuring viscosity early in the formulation process will ensure that the appropriate excipients are added to the buffer and the desired result is achieved.


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Viscosity and Stability of a Highly Concentrated Monoclonal Antibody


Featuring University of Texas at Austin, we cover why viscosity reduction occurs and how to detect the presence through shear dependent rheology methods.


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Dilute Formulation Characterization


Designed to be a more sensitive and progressing viscometer, VROC® intium is packed with intelligence and intuition that enables the end users to measure not just viscosity measurements but to use viscosity to provide insight into their product performance and application.


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m-VROC® Demonstration


This webinar will show a brief demonstration of the m-VROC® viscometer. Learn how to use small sample sizes and see the different configurations that can be plugged with the viscometer!


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Protein Screening and Intrinsic Viscosity with VROC® initium


We cover the significance of Intrinsic Viscosity and how to apply such measurements to your work!


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Advanced Features & Advantages of Automatic Viscosity Measurements


This webinar will review the standard features of VROC® initium and present advanced measurement features for.


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Different Types of Viscosity & How to Measure


This webinar will be helpful for people curious about viscosity (like us!), those who are just starting to use viscosity for their work or want to refresh their knowledge about basic concepts of viscosity!


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VROC® initium Part II


This webinar introduces RheoSense's automatic, high throughput viscometer, VROC initium.


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Whole Blood, Plasma and Serum Viscosity


We demonstrate our technology capability to overcome some of the challenges encountered by conventional methods to measure viscosity when dealing with blood samples.


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Fundamentals of Viscosity — A Historical Perspective


We trace the historical development of viscosity and viscometers; starting with the fundamental principles established by Sir Isaac Newton and leading up to modern-day viscometry methods.


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Viscosity Screening for Protein Therapeutics


We demonstrate how VROC® technology can be used to study applications such as protein structure (i.e. denaturation and folding) at a fraction of the sample volume required by conventional technologies.


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VROC® initium


This webinar was our first formal product preview for the automatic, high throughput viscometer, VROC initium.


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Intrinsic Viscosity


A Tool to Determine Molecular Size & Structure Through Viscosity Measurements.


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Measuring the Viscosity of Festive Beverages


We measured the viscosity of various holiday beverages.


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