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RheoSense Applications Library

Viscosity applications across dynamic industries 

BioPharmaceutical & Biotechnology

Upstream, downstream, development, QC? Find out where viscosity is essential in your work!

Biopharmaceutical/Biotechnology & Viscosity


Polymers and Viscosity

Viscosity of all types of polymers can be essential ranging in a variety of industries. Intrinsic viscosity is a key application for polymers and bio-polymers.

Polymer Viscosity


Batteries Viscosity

Achieving optimal combination of viscosity (η) and the dielectric Constant (ε) helps researchers and battery engineers develop and also control the quality of batteries.

Battery Applications


Oil/Lubrication Viscosity

Work with oil and lubrications? Viscosity measurements can determine oil health and keep processes running smoothly.

Oil/Lubrication & Viscosity


Food and Beverages

Viscosity can play a big role with taste, texture, and even distinguish the difference between real and counterfeit products. 
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Ink Viscosity

UV curing inks, 3D printing inks, graphene inks, inkjet inks can be characterized by measuring viscosity at high shear rates!

Ink & Viscosity


Cosmetics Viscosity

The viscosity of cosmetic plays an integral role in the formulation process, especially when it comes to quality control. 
Cosmetics Applications


Cannabis Viscosity

As the cannabis industry is growing both medical and recreational,  research and proper manufacturing involves accurate viscosity measurements.
Cannabis Viscosity


Extensional & Intrinsic Viscosity

VROC® powered viscometers deliver accurate and reliable extensional and intrinsic viscosity measurements in under a minute 
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