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eBook: Cell Culture Media Formulation and the Role of Viscosity 

Cell culture media, also known as growth media, is a complex fluid filled with nutrients required for cells to grow, proliferate, and differentiate. 

Cell culture media has many formulation components as different cell lines require different nutrients to grow properly. Different types of cells also prefer different types of media. Changes in media formulations can usually be attributed to changes in amino acids, salts, and vitamins, but there are also differences in dextrose (glucose). The amount of glucose and other nutrients can modify the rheology of the media itself, which can impact cell growth and differentiation. These have all been optimized for different cell lines over many years.

Download our Cannabis Formulation ebook to learn more about:

  • Different types of cell culture media
  • Cell culture media components and formulation
  • The role of viscosity in the formulation and production of cell culture media



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