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Blood Viscosity: More than Hemoglobin 

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Download our webinar featuring guest speaker, Dr. Gregory Sloop. Dr. Gregory Sloop will be taking a deep dive into blood viscosity. Is viscosity a by product of the need for hemoglobin to carry oxygen? Or is the concentration of hemoglobin in red blooded animals determined by the need for viscosity? 

Studying Antarctic fish which do not have hemoglobin or any oxygen - carrying protein provides the answer. Viscosity is an essential quantity in any circulatory system and should be considered to be a part of what the eminent 19th century physiologist, Claud Bernard, called "Milieu interne.

Gregory Sloop Speaker Bio: Dr. Gregory Sloop is Associate Professor of Pathology at Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine and author/editor of Blood Viscosity; Its Role in Cardiovascular Pathophysiology and Hematology (Nova Biomedical, 2017) and 53 peer-reviewed publications on PubMed.   He is former Chairman of Pathology and Laboratory Director at Benefits Hospitals, Great Falls, Montana, and Associate Professor of Pathology at Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans. He enjoys living with six cats, two of whom are blind, is a mad scientist in the kitchen, and understands the importance of blood viscosity.

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