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Application Note: Oil Viscosity Measurements with microVISC-m Viscometer

Utilizing ASTM D341 Calculations for Predictive Viscosity Measurements

Failure to continuously monitor accurate oil viscosity can lead to potential disaster when it comes to refineries. Many factors can easily affect the viscosity of the oil thus viscosity must be monitored frequently. With the goal of facilitating faster and simpler oil viscosity measurements, microVISC-m, has been made to provide the perfect combination of portability and accuracy that allows the end user to perform proper oil condition monitoring.  

Providing Kinematic & Dynamic Viscosity for Oil Conditioning

This application note utilizes well-established calculations specified in ASTM D341, which correlates to the equation for kinematic viscosity with temperature: 

Equation calculating Kinematic Viscosity
microVISC-m programmed to calculate the kinematic viscosity based on the dynamic viscosity and density at ambient temperatures. End users can enter the kinematic viscosity values of new oil at 40 ºC and 100 ºC. 

To read more about the underlying formulas and basic functions of microVISC-m along with measurements conducted with Mobil 1 (0W30) oil, download our application note!

Viscometer featured in this Application Note: 


Minimum Sample 100 μL
Viscosity Range 1-3500 cSt
Operating Range 18 - 40 ºC
Output Range 20 - 100 ºC
Humidity Range 0-90%, non-condensing
Accuracy  +/-2% reading
Repeatability +/- 0.5% reading
Typical Test Time  < 1 min
Standards Correlation to ASTM D445







microVISC-m, Oil Health Monitoring Viscometer



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