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Other Intrinsic Viscosity Applications

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Small Sample, portable viscometer microVISC

Measuring Intrinsic Viscosity with microVISC™

Can intrinsic viscosity be used as a QC parameter for the structure and size of polymers and other macromolecules? With portable, repeatable, and small sample viscometer, microVISC™, YES! 

A solute's contribution to the viscosity of a solution, or its intrinsic viscosity, is a strong indicator of the molecular interactions. Quick and accurate measurement of intrinsic viscosity allows for the QC of the molecular size and structure of samples. 


microVISC™ offers a fast and convenient way of characterizing intrinsic viscosity with numerous advantages over conventional viscometers. 

  • Small Sample Volume
  • Temperature Control: 18 - 55ºC
  • Superior Accuracy (2% of Reading) and Repeatability (0.5% of Reading)
  • No Air-Liquid Interface (No evaporation or Contamination)
  • Portable
  • Wide Dynamic Range: 

    • Viscosity: 0.2 - 20,000 cP
    • Shear Rate: 1.7 - 5,800 1/s

If you would like to learn more about measuring intrinsic viscosity using microVISC™ to stablish molecular size and structure download our application note! 

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