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microVISC, Portable Viscometer

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Reaction Kinetic Studies: Viscosity of Epoxy Resins

For fluids that exhibit time-dependent viscosity, carefully monitoring the change over time is critical for process development. Materials such as epoxy resins or self-associating peptides require a solid understanding of reaction kinetics to determine work life, forces required, and many other parameters.



Portable, Easy-to-Use Viscometer 

In this application note, we demonstrate the use of microVISC™ to analyze the changes in time-dependent viscosity for amine-cured epoxy samples and self-associating peptides. microVISC™ is able to measure data across a broad viscosity range, allowing for detailed data collection.

microVISC™ is an ideal tool for reaction kinetics studies. It is handheld, lightweight, and battery powered, making it perfect for lab or field analysis. The short measurement time allows for multiple data points from fast-curing samples. The lack of air-sample interface eliminates interfacial effects as a potential source of error. It also uses disposable pipettes, simplifying prep/cleaning and reducing the possibility of cross-contamination. With push-button operation, the system is easy to use and requires no training.

Microfluidic devices offer several advantages over conventional viscometers including:

  • Smaller Sample (Less Waste)
  • Disposable Pipettes (No Cleaning)
  • Faster Results (Typical Tests Take <1 Minute)
  • Wide Viscosity Range (.5 - 20,000 cP/cSt)
  • No Air Interface (No Evaporation or Contamination)
  • Truly Portable (battery allows for 100 tests between charges)

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