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Viscosity of Conductive Inks, Coatings and Pastes

Printed electronics and touch screens manufacturing all rely on viscosity!

Viscosity of conductive ink-like materials such as Silver Nanoparticle Inks, Silver Nanowire Coatings and Silver Pastes determine manufacturing processes, performance and quality of novel electronics as well as display systems. 


m-VROC™ offers a number of advantages over conventional viscometers including:

  • Wide Dynamic Range:
    • Viscosity: 0.2- 200,000 [cP]
    • Shear Rate: 0.5 - 1,400,000 [1/s]
  • Temperature Control: 4 - 70ºC
  • Superior Accuracy (2% of Reading) and Repeatability (0.5% of Reading)
  • Smallest Sample Volume
  • No Air-Liquid Interface (No Evaporation or Contamination)


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