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Application Note: Expanding the Boun-dairy - Comparing Milk and Milk-Like Beverage Viscosities

Milk is a widely consumed beverage across the world.  Recently, there has been growth in the milk-like beverage market. Plant-based milk beverages have increasingly become more popular as alternatives to animal derived milks. A key commonality between animal milks and plant-based milk beverages is their fluidic properties, primarily viscosity.

Understanding viscosity is key in manufacturing and processing of both animal milks and plant-based milk beverages. 

Customers switching from animal-based milks to milk substitutes such as almond beverage, coconut milk, and soy beverage expect some consistency between the two products. In this application note, we investigate the viscosity of multiple milks and milk-like beverages at multiple shear rates at consumption relevant temperatures to compare the similarities and differences of these products.


milk and yogurt



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