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concentrated protein solution

Intrinsic Viscosity Measurements of Protein Solutions

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VROC® initium Application Note

The requirement to measure intrinsic viscosity and the demand for such measurements have been increasing. This is a result of many protein formulation scientists seeing the benefits in understanding the molecular structure and interactions of their candidate proteins in formulations.

Intrinsic viscosity is determined by measuring sample viscosities at increasingly dilute concentrations. These measurements requires an instrument capable of accurately detecting small differences in viscosity between samples. VROC® initium boasts unmatched accuracy (within 2%), repeatability (0.5%), and resolution (0.02cP), making it the ideal instrument for intrinsic viscosity measurements. In this application note, the initium is used to measure the intrinsic viscosity of bovine serum albumin (BSA), a standard lab protein, dissolved in two different solvents.


(Fig.1 of Application Note. Download to see our full data set).

VROC® initium offers unattended viscosity measurements at controlled shear rate and temperature. Our most advanced viscometer features:

  • Highly accurate dynamic viscosity measurements
  • Compatibility with HPLC 40 vials and 96 well plates
  • Automatic sample loading, measurement and cleaning

Download this application note to learn more about how VROC® initium would make your viscosity screening hands free, worry free and Simply Precise™.