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non-Newtonian Fluid

Predicting Injection Force of Newtonian Fluids

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Application Note

Predicting Injection Force of Newtonian Fluids

Drug delivery is a key component of the development process. There are multiple delivery pathways for drugs that all have trade offs that impact the drugs’ ease of use and efficacy. 

Incorporating injectability analysis earlier in therapeutic development can guide development and mitigate the risk of developing a formulation that is impossible to deliver. The first step in incorporating injectability analysis is to first measure the formulations’ viscosity over a wide range of shear rates to determine the fluid’s behavior. The second step is determining the shear rates that correspond to the injection flow rate and needle gauge. Once those components are known then you will be able to estimate the injection force.

In this application note we describe a protocol that you can follow to estimate the injection force of your protein formulations using model data taken on the VROC® initium one plus. We step through the process and advise when it is appropriate to use the Newtonian injectability equation to estimate your formulations’ injectability.

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