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Application Note - Steady Shear Viscosity of Water Soluble Polymers Formulated for Oil & Gas Applications 

Friction reducers are a significant portion of aqueous based hydraulic fracturing fluids. Polyacrylamide is among the high molecular weight polymers that are commonly used as friction reducers and rheology modifiers in the formulation of fracturing fluids.

Adding polyacrylamide in the aqueous based fracturing fluids reduces drag or friction that improves pump efficiency and increases viscosity that helps keep proppant evenly distributed into the fracturing fluid in order to hold open fractures and assist oil extraction.

 In this application note, we show how we use the RheoSense VROC® initium one plus and m-VROC® to measure the viscosity of polyacrylamide solutions with and without added salt over a wide range of shear rates.


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