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Injectability and Viscosity at High Shear Rates

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In protein therapeutics, major resources are dedicated toward the development of self-injection formulations for:

  • Sustainable Release
  • Subcutaneous Injection

When sustainable release and subcutaneous injection are achieved, the concentration of protein inevitably increases, causing an increase in viscosity. The increase in viscosity creates significant challenges in Injectability, since high viscosity requires high injection force. This, in turn, affects how an auto-injection system needs to be designed to achieve optimum performance.

In this application note, we take a close look at how protein formulation viscosity affects the injection force, and we will demonstrate how to use the viscosity measurement to determine the necessary injection force required for the given solution. In particular, it will be explained that the injection force is dictated by the viscosity of the solution at the shear rate inside of the needle.

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