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VROC® it!

Application Note - Characterizing Protein Viscosity with a 15 uL Sample

RheoSense has launched the next generation m-VROC® II semi-automated viscometer with a variety of advancements including a reduced sample volume requirement. The next generation m-VROC II includes many additional features, with 15 µL minimum sample volume, the sample retrieval and recovery options, and advanced software functionality being the most beneficial for the testing of costly or limited quantity protein or antibody formulations. 

In this application note, we present data for a high concentration model protein solution measured on the m-VROC® II using only 15 µL of sample. The precision is illustrated using both automatic mode and a defined shear rate sweep. Retrieval is activated so that all data is collected on the single loaded volume.


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m-VROC II (nbg)



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