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Sample Test (compress)

Sample testing

Interested in professional testing? RheoSense engineers are happy to measure the viscosity of your samples.

SAmple Analysis

Accurate & sensitive viscosity measurements to thoroughly characterize small sample volumes

  • Shear rate & temperature dependence
  • Variation with concentration of actives & excipients
  • Time dependence to quantify storage stability

Extensive data analysis options also available

  • Intrinsic viscosity for sizing and interaction
  • Injection force estimation
  • Model fitting for non-Newtonian samples
  • Arrhenius fit for temperature dependence


samples we test


Viscosity results  are required to understand behaviors of antibodies and other proteins. By applying a wide range of viscosities and shear rates, we can provide a full length range of insight into your proteins and injection force.

  • Concentrated Protein Solutions
  • Aqueous Polymer Solutions
  • Nanoparticles
  • Nucleic Acids
  • Cell Culture Media

food & beverage

Accurate viscosity results can  enable you to determine many aspects of your inks, including the output of the printed product, transfer process on to the substrate, and the overall jetting of the ink through the nozzle.

  • Xanthan Gum
  • Alcohol
  • Syrup

Oils/ lubricants

Our viscosity experts help you understand the behaviors of oils, batch to batch. By applying a wide range of viscosities and shear rates, we can provide a full length range of insight into your lubricants.

  • Engine Oil
  • Silicone Oil
  • Standard Oil

Paints/ Coatings

Learn about particle size, particle shape, coating formulation, and shear exposure via viscosity testing. These measurements are pertinent during formulations, production, and QC/QA of different paints and coatings. 

  • Paints
  • Coatings


Learn viscosity information  that will help your researchers and battery engineers develop and also control the quality of batteries.  

  • Battery Fluid
  • Electrolyte solutions (Batteries)

inks/ inkjet

Have our experts do the hard work so you can continue with quick easy measurements on a QC standpoint along with high shear rates and small sample capabilities for research and development.  

  • Water-based inks
  • Inkjet inks
  • Conductive inks
  • Graphene conductive inks


Expert results keep you up to date with regulations and standards when it comes to manufacturing and using cannabis products. Accurate viscosity measurements are important for safety, health, and overall experience with cannabis products.

  • Cannabinoids
  • E-liquid (Electronic Vape)
  • Cannabis Oil


Improve and maintain product quality as well as user experience by measuring the viscosity of cosmetic products ranging from serums, foundations, face wash, mascara, and more. 

  • Serums
  • Soaps
  • Perfume

Why test with us?

Sample Vials (pink)

Material Characterization

Our sample testing provides you with data and calculations that provide material characterization of your samples far beyond the scope of traditional viscosity measurements. Our sample testing can provide material characterization such as protein-protein interactions, protein stability, protein sizing and denaturation and formulation optimization and differentiation.

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Water Drop

Small Sample Size

While many viscometers require sample sizes ranging from 2-50mL, we are able to test sample sizes as small as 26 µL!

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Sample Retrieval and Recovery

Recover: From 70 µL, recover 70% of your sample to do more analysis, including intrinsic viscosity, melting temperature and more! 

Retrieval: Recover your sample for further analysis. Run additional measurements for hydrodynamic radius, melting temperature, intrinsic viscosity. 

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our Customers

We have a wide range of customers who look to us for sample testing, not only for our VROC® technology, but for our expertise in viscosity measurement application. 

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