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Ink Viscosity

Viscometers Used for Ink Analysis & QC

Similar to any other liquids, it is essential to measure the viscosity of inkjet inks and other inks. The viscosity of an ink can determine many aspects including the output of the printed product, transfer process on to the substrate, and the overall jetting of the ink through the nozzle. 

VROC® powered viscometers deliver accurate and reliable viscosity results that enable quick easy measurements on a QC standpoint along with high shear rates and small sample capabilities for R&D development.

  • Less than 1 minute for a measurement
  • Don't need to clean in between miscible inks
  • Smallest sample volumes - less mess and easy to measure
  • Direct shear rate control - can potentially go up and over 100,000 1/s
    • Mimic jetting process
  • First principle or true viscosity 

Check out all of our application notes separated into major topics: 

  • Inkjet Inks
  • Conductive/Graphene Inks

Inkjet Inks

Viscosity of ink is a key factor in the ink droplet formation and quality of print

Conductive/ Graphene Inks

Printed Electronics & Touch Screen Manufacturing


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