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Repeatable Viscosity Measurements of High Concentration Biologics

One concern in biopharmaceutical drug development, is the viscosity of high-concentration protein and mAb formulations. This type of samples can easily reach 100-200 mPa-s.  Conventional viscometers struggle testing samples above 50 mPa-s. In this Application Brief, we demonstrate the ability of VROC® initium to testing high viscosity samples with superior repeatability.

The test was conducted as follows:

  1. 100 µL of 90% Glycerol in water was loaded into an 11 mm vial (Wheaton)
  2. The autosampler loaded 80 µL of the sample into the VROC® initium viscometer
  3. VROC® initium viscometer performed measurements on the sample at multiple shear rates, with three repeats at each of the shear rates.
  4. VROC® initium performs self-cleaning at the end of the test with preset protocols.

Overall, the glycerol sample was used to perform 18 tests at 6 different shear rates. The Glycerol sample exhibited Newtonian behavior, with an average viscosity of 171 cP at an average temperature of 23.28 oC, with a relative standard deviation of 0.46%. Error bars below correspond with 2% accuracy.

Viscosity vs Shear Rates

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