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Application Notes on Oil Viscosity

The performance and health of your oils can easily be determined through viscosity checks.

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Viscometer Specifications 

Minimum Sample Volume 100 μL
Viscosity Range 1-3500 cSt
Operating Range 18 - 40 °C
Output Range 20 - 100 °C
Humidity Range 0 ~ 90%, Non-condensing
Accuracy ~+/- 2% Reading
Repeatability ~+/- 0.5% Reading
Typical Test Time <1 min
Standards Correlates to ASTM D445

microVISC-m™ — Portable, Small Sample Viscometer for Oil Analysis in Lab or Field

Your ultimate solution for....

  • Remote mining machinery and equipment
  • Naval vessels with aviation and marine lubricants
  • Compressors, bearings, and rotating equipment on ships
  • Fleet maintenance services for trucks, tanks, buses, and other vehicles
  • Transformer oils for power companies
  • Small and medium sized diesel engines
  • Offshore wind turbines where visits are expensive and infrequent
  • Preventive maintenace in stationary factories and installations

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Download our app note on how microVISC-m viscometer utilizes ASTM D341 Calculations for viscosity measurements.