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VROC® it!

Free Recording: VROC® initium one plus Maintenance Responsibility Tutorial

The RheoSense VROC® initium one plus automated viscometer was specifically designed with consumable parts that could be more easily monitored and replaced by the user to minimize down time. Examples of consumable parts include the chips, syringes, pistons, switch valves, solvent bottle caps, and tubing. It is important to establish a routine prior to initiating testing to assess the health of the consumables and then act to resolve any issues before proceeding. The advanced operational software facilitates this process with continuously updated use counts, thorough diagnostics, and troubleshooting tips to quickly identify the root cause. User maintenance is key to successfully measuring with the fully automated VROC® initium one plus.

Download the full recording of our live maintenance tutorial, reviewing the key maintenance and troubleshooting steps to ensure continuous operation of your VROC initium one plus. 


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Download the FREE Tutorial Recording!

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