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Webinar Recording: Temperature-Dependent Viscosity of Battery Mixtures  

Viscosity measurements can be used to evaluate the performance of lithium-ion battery solvents and electrolytes. Among the most important physical properties of an electrolyte, viscosity and dielectric constant directly impact ion mobility, conductivity, and battery performance for a wide range of temperatures experienced. 

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  • Exploring the temperature-dependent shear viscosity of multiple battery solvent mixtures of EC, DMC, and EMC
  • Probing the effect of solvent composition and lithium perchlorate salt (LiClO4) concentration on the shear viscosity of battery electrolytes
  • Demonstrating the accuracy and reliability of measuring viscosity (η ~ 1 mPa∙s) of fully contained, small volume, and widely used battery solutions & electrolytes with the RheoSense VROC® initium one plus.

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