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Live Demo: microVISC™ Demonstration with Rick & Gordy September 12th, 2018 (11 am PST)

It's time to join Rick & Gordy again in this month's live web-demonstration tutorial on using one of the most advanced viscometers in the market! This webinar will entail microVISC™ and its capabilities by measuring sauces. 

Join technical specialist Rick Paulino and Gordon Stack in a live demonstration of microVISC. This demonstration will entail on how to use the instrument, explaining applications, and answering any questions you may have thanks to our interactive feature. 

Major applications of microVISC include (but are not limited to): 


Rick Paulino

Hey there, my name is Rick and I am currently a technical specialist at RheoSense, Inc. If you have any questions regarding viscosity measurements or want to discuss how you can improve your viscosity data, you came to the right place.  


Gordon Stack

Hey my name is Gordon and I am also a technical specialist at RheoSense.  When I'm not working to help labs develop better protocols, finding ways to measuring viscosity faster & more accurately, I can be found painting outside, or sculpting whimsical pottery.


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About the microVISC: 

  • Weighs ~0.7 kg
  • Extremely Easy To Use
  • Small Sample Volumes
microVISC & TC