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VROC® it!

VROC® initium Application Note:
Unlimited Measurements and Superior Repeatability 

Powered by VROC® technologyVROC® initium offers superior repeatbility (< 0.2% of Reading). In this application note, we present a set of 50 viscosity measurements performed with just 95 µL of a water-based viscosity standard. Measured with just a fraction of the amount of sample usually required with other methods, these results demonstrate the power of sample retrieval unlimited measurement capabilities combined  together with VROC® superior repeatability.

VROC® initium offers unattended viscosity measurements at controlled shear rate and temperature. Our most advanced viscometer features:

  • Highly accurate dynamic viscosity measurements
  • Compatibility with HPLC 40 vials and 96 well plates
  • Automatic sample loading, measurement and cleaning

Download this application note to learn more about how VROC® initium would make your viscosity screening hands free, worry free and Simply Precise™.

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Download our Application Note!

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