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Viscosity Applications Library

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Want to read more? Download our application note comparing VROC® technology with Cone & Plate Rheometers 

Download m-VROC vs. Cone & Plate Application Note

microVISC Viscometer

Save Half of Your Measurement Time with microVISC. A Thorough Comparison with Capillary Viscometers

As a result of its strong dependence on concentration and structure, viscosity (the resistance of a fluid flow) has become an important indicator in quality control of industrial processes. In this application note, we present direct measurements of viscosity taken with our portable and small sample viscometer, microVISC.  We compare microVISC measurements with the results of a conventional Cannon-Fenske capillary viscometer. As depicted on the graph, there is a significant amount of time saved using microVISC viscometer powered by revolutionary VROC® technology. 


To View Set-Up and More Information, Download the Application Note!

Save your measurement time with portable, small sample viscometer, microVISC